“No business plan survives first contact with customers.”

- Steve Blank

Get to know your customers deeply, over months, and share those insights with your investors for a game-changing conversation.

Poocho Plans


We are your dedicated research arm (led by a PhD in Cultural Anthropology) bringing you actionable branding, marketing and product insights so you can optimize your business for growth.


LITE includes

Quarterly WILOs ("Week in the Life of" research)

Exit survey templates

Anonymized insights

Research highlights

World class support and advice



Everything in LITE, plus


Pre-launch add-ons

Priority support



Everything in PRO, plus

Poocho recruiting

Fully customized studies

Insights taxonomy

Website content audit

In-house training


Plan Details





Bring your own participants

Research methods

"Week in the Life of" diaries
Every quarter
Every quarter
Every quarter
Consumer interviews
Twice a year
Three times a year
Exit survey templates
Every quarter
Every quarter
Every quarter

Research assets

WILO data
(audio, video, image, text, survey)
Interview transcripts

Research analysis

Top 10 highlights
Insights taxonomy

Research synthesis

Journey maps
Landing page content audit

Research support hours

2 hours/month
4 hours/month
6 hours/month

Data security

Anonymized data
Anonymized data
Anonymized data

Pre-launch Add-ons

When you're ready to go-to-market, Poocho offers design services that integrate primary insights into revamped branding, communications and product solutions.

Investor-ready Deck

Brand Book

Content Strategy

Product Design

Web Design & Dev

Pricing FAQs
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Frequently asked questions

We strive to give you as much flexibility as possible through our plans, but if you have any concerns or need some help choosing a plan, feel free to reach out to us.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your plan anytime by giving us 30 days notice.

Can I upgrade my plan anytime?

You can upgrade your plan at the start of a new month's billing cycle. When you upgrade, you are essentially starting a new annual subscription with all its lock-in caveats.

Can I include an add-on to my plan at any time?

Add-ons are available for the Pro and Elite plans only. You can include an add-on to your plan anytime after your lock-in period is over.

What is not included in a pricing plan?

Participant incentives are charged separately from the pricing plans. We will work with you to figure out the right incentives for a study.

Are there any one-time fees when I sign up with Poocho?

Yes, there’s an onboarding fee associated with each plan. This fee goes towards discovery research and project management costs to get both teams aligned as quickly and smoothly as possible.

What can I expect as report highlights?

Report highlights are top-level analyses of research findings per study. They are presented in the form of questions and answers that are supported by the data collected.

What is an insights taxonomy?

An insights taxonomy is a set of “codes” or themes that are part of Poocho’s proprietary taxonomy chart. As part of the Elite package, you will have access to raw research data already tagged and organized as per this taxonomy. This information architecture will be useful to track patterns and find emergent trends as we run rolling studies.

What type of research support do you offer?

Research support hours are independent of a particular study. They can be used towards consultations, workshops, brainstorming sessions and in-house training sessions.

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