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Poocho is an online marketplace connecting researchers and consumers through authentic video-based conversations. #userresearch

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On-demand access to an Indian panel.

The Poocho Network is a community of Indian consumers using online and offline products and services. These are individuals who have signed up to participate in user research studies so chances of them actually showing up to a session are very high. As high as 95%.

Scheduling sessions just got dead simple.

We’ve cracked the code on how to sync up researcher and participant calendars. And if that isn’t enough, then automated reminders and an easy rescheduling option should make managing time a whole lot easier for new and experienced researchers alike.

Participants get paid. You get notified.

You can say good bye to excel to track your incentive payouts. With our pay-as-you-go pricing model, you define your incentive amount just once. Payout links are automated and distributed after each completed session so you don’t have to close the loop.

We offer human assistance every step of the way.

Every account is assigned a research ops specialist to guide you through your journey of collecting user insights. As an added service, we offer moderator support if you’d rather have one of Poocho’s trained researchers run your sessions for you. You can still join in as an observer!
"The way you guys went about the research gave me more confidence in the process and in using ethnographic research methods. You could see the details for each customer. You could see the granularity of the study. The amount of data that came out was the most important."
Avnish Anand
Co-founder & COO, CaratLane
We wanted to understand the motivations of the people in our community better. The research was done thoroughly, and the results were presented in great depth. We appreciate the effort and meticulous work done by Poocho. Swasti and Taapsi were a wonderful team to work with.
Bob van Luijt
"At the end of the day, we really needed to get into the minds of the people that were using the underlying platforms. Poocho's process is very much hands-on and very bespoke and customized. It is not the kind of activity I am used to seeing in my day-to-day career and it has proven to be invaluable."
Eric Witschen
GM and Founder, Neustreet
"We constantly run surveys and questionnaires, or we talk to our customers very often, actually. But I think getting an external body to come in and talk to them especially when they don't have a bias for the industry and for the products that we're selling makes a huge difference."
Lenold Vaz
Founder, Beandeck

One simple solution for all the asks.

Whether you’ve done user studies before or not, our platform covers all the major research workflows.


  • 1000s of Indian profiles
  • Demographic filtering
  • Verified social links
  • Screeners
  • Automated invites
  • Automated scheduling
  • Automated reminders
  • Participant tracker
  • Study dashboard
  • Research ops support
  • Pay-as-you-go plan
  • Flexible incentives
  • Automated payout links
  • UPI, bank transfer support
  • Add team members
  • Add session observers
  • Download recordings

Finding the right people just got a whole lot faster.