Market research turned on its head.

Poocho is a research, technology and design company that collects and transforms in-context consumer insights into go-to-market business solutions.

What we do

Voice of customer

We launch mobile-first digital campaigns to find your cohort of future customers and let them define the problem. All with consent and at their convenience.

Human Intelligence

We collect and analyze transcripts, videos, images and survey data to validate your hypotheses or uncover new ones. Either way, we'll eliminate the guesswork.

Design Expertise

We are your chief experience officers. Our in-house team of experts have helped businesses accelerate their Branding, Marketing and Product Design by months.


Understand your customers in depth with these snippets of human experiences that we have collected and compiled.
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Our outcomes

Over $3mm

raised by our clients
Our clients have shared our primary research reports directly with their investors and successfully raised millions of dollars.


reduction in time-to-market
Clients use our data to hyper-focus their designs, development and marketing efforts so they can get to market faster.


experiences shared and growing
After countless experiments, we’ve developed a proprietary process to uncover and organize people insights into a patented taxonomy.
"At the end of the day, we really needed to get into the minds of the people that were using the underlying platforms. Poocho's process is very much hands-on and very bespoke and customized. It is not the kind of activity I am used to seeing in my day-to-day career and it has proven to be invaluable."
Eric Witschen
GM and Founder, Neustreet
"We constantly run surveys and questionnaires, or we talk to our customers very often, actually. But I think getting an external body to come in and talk to them especially when they don't have a bias for the industry and for the products that we're selling makes a huge difference."
Lenold Vaz
Founder, Beandeck
"After a very detailed study and close collaboration with our customers we now have renewed clarity on who our target customer is, why they truly like us and what they need from us moving forward."
Ben Minges
Co-founder, Copra Coconuts
"We hired Poocho to help us re-think our new platform experience as we expand into new end-markets. Watching video highlights of our clients using our concepts and listening to their audio testimonials beats doing a survey hands down."
Armando Gonzalez
Founder & CEO, RavenPack

Insights & Analysis

Poocho’s researchers and analysts help subscribers stay ahead of the trends transforming business, economics and politics.

Our team

We obsess over your success.

We are a founding team of social scientists, strategists and engineers transforming deep qualitative research into business solutions.

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