We are rigorous researchers, smart strategists and wicked designers.

The idea for (the equivalent of) Poocho came into being towards the end of 2016. It took us another three years to officially set up shop in 2019 with an audacious mission to make people-research accessible to all.  “Pray, how?” You might ask. By integrating responsible technology into our processes and methods so we can focus on transforming people-insights into solutions that are straightforward, clear and useful for all. #feetontheground #headintheclouds

Poocho’s values

Build relationships.
This is at the core of our DNA. Be it clients or participants, we believe that building genuine relationships is the most meaningful way of doing business.
Always think context.
Context is the secret sauce, the “X” factor, in understanding how people make sense of their world, and it’s what we are obsessed with understanding.
Protect the participant.
We will always protect our participants above and beyond the call of duty. It’s the least we can do for the access they give us to their worlds.
Trust the data.
We’re on a quest to prove to everyone that collecting qualitative data is a scientific process because it is.
Keep innovating.
We are constantly re-thinking traditional approaches to qualitative research in order to make insights more relevant for our clients.

Meet the team.

Taapsi is an applied social scientist with a doctorate in cultural anthropology. She is an expert in exploratory and evaluative research based on ethnographic analysis, participant observation, stakeholder interviews, and focus group interaction. Her past clients include the National Science Foundation-funded Center for Civic Design, the multi-million dollar CARILED project in Trinidad, and a global fintech company in New York. She currently sits on the MPAAC board within the American Anthropological Association. In a different life, Taapsi was a features reporter with CNBC-TV18 in India.

Taapsi Ramchandani

Aakarsh runs Corporate Strategy at RavenPack, overseeing new revenue generation initiatives and strategic investments. Prior to joining the firm, he was Director of Product & Strategy at Third Point, a $15 billion Event-Driven Hedge Fund, where he co-founded and led their data science team. Aakarsh was previously Senior Product Manager at FactSet, responsible for re-architecting & launching a web-based analytics platform servicing over 100,000 enterprise clients. He is currently serving as an Advisory Board member at CausaLens and Copra Inc.

Aakarsh Ramchandani
Co-founder/Board Member
Daniel Baker
Technology Lead

Dan is a tech leader, passionate prototyper and forever tinkerer. Currently Dan is a Engineering Manager at Vettery, one of the fastest growing recruiting tech companies in New York. Previously, Dan was the technical cofounder of DojoMojo, where he grew the engineering org to over 10 talented engineers, supporting over 5000 brands using DojoMojo to send over 200mm lead generation emails. In his spare time, Dan is actively producing political satire on YouTube while learning to play the Didgeridoo to ever growing crowds.

Nisha Borshettar
Communications Advisor

Nisha's expertise lies in strategic planning, content creation and brand building. She holds a Masters in Communications and has spent over seven years leading the execution of brand communication plans and consumer marketing programs across various industries. At Poocho, Nisha provides strategic communications counsel to help establish a strong brand presence in the industry. When she's not working, Nisha enjoys reading, stress baking and hot yoga.

Tarushi Mohan

Tarushi holds a Masters in Sociology from the University of Hyderabad. Originally from Lucknow, Tarushi aspires to build a career in market research and data analysis. She has previously interned with Nielsen India Pvt Ltd, HDFC Ltd and the RightWalk Foundation. In her free time she likes to play with her five indie pet dogs and plans on rescuing and adopting many more.

Shruthi Venkataraman
Creative Lead

Shruthi has inhabited the worlds of advertising, media and communication arts for over a decade. As Senior Art Director with Ogilvy and Grey Global Group she has conceptualised, created and overseen advertising campaigns for large multinational brands around the world including Google, Amazon, Vodafone and Mattel. As an illustrator and graphic designer, she collaborates and consults with art curators and retailers, corporates and not-for-profit organisations. Shruthi is a graduate of MICA, Ahmedabad.

Lenold Vaz
Product Advisor

Lenold is a business problem-solver, marketing enthusiast and a geek of all things bizarre! With 10+ years of experience in Tech Marketing under his belt, he currently advises high growth businesses and startups to create impactful brands. Lenold led global marketing and creative services at Radix where he helped the business grow from infancy to becoming the world’s largest new domain registry. When he isn’t advising clients, you can find him brewing and sampling specialty coffee.

Anand Bongir
Product Designer

Anand is a product designer based in Pune with 6+ years experience in designing interfaces and consulting with early-stage companies. He has previously worked with companies like Cred and 18th Parallel and was instrumental in designing the early versions of their platforms for cryptocurrency and Android TV respectively. Anand also actively helps in managing various initiatives at a non-profit based in Pune.


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