About Poocho

Poocho was born out of a continual problem one of the team’s founders faced while doing consultancy work in 2016. Finding the right people was the biggest variable impacting project timelines. The only solution was hustle to find the first few good people. And then pray for referrals to work their magic.
Fast forward to 2020 when the foundation for Poocho’s research agency arm was set up in Mumbai, India. The team spent the next three years listening to what brand and product researchers wanted when it came to finding “the right person” to talk to. Our engineers got to work and in 2024 the Poocho product was born!
From the get go, our mission has been to make the platform dead simple for anyone to use and reuse. From first time founders to mid-career designers and marketers to freelance researchers, anyone and everyone now has the opportunity to directly connect with trustworthy consumers and users for insights and information.

#feetontheground #headintheclouds

Our mantras

Design for trust.
Create an experience that fosters trust in the product, trust in the data and trust in the team with every click.
Give power to the user.
Empower the user with information and tools to get the job done without external intervention.
Protect the participant.
Live up to the expectations of participants and protect their data from unscrupulous entities.
Keep it simple.
Break up a wicked problem into smaller parts and then solve each part really well.
Change is good.
Don’t get complacent with what you’ve built. Keep learning, keep updating.

We are proud of what we’ve achieved.

We’ve worked with brands across industries, geographies and years of operation to help them achieve one goal - to better understand their consumers.
Smoke House Deli

Strategies to help the brand expand its reach

Smoke House Deli, part of the Impresario chain of restaurants, wanted to get in the minds of its Mumbai customers in order to better service them. We used personas to decode what makes their brand tick and how Smoke House can attract more future loyalists.

Decoding what drives high brand recall

Caratlane, a major player in the lightweight gold jewellery category enlisted our help to unpack the cultural nuances behind women and jewellery-buying in two culturally distinct Indian cities.

Unpacking a sneaker collector’s journey

Helping an NFT collectors brand jumpstart its launch within a year of conception.

Come work for us

The freedom to think, the drive to innovate, and a culture of openness is something that defines us deeply.
Community Manager
We are looking for a Community Manager to drive the growth of our research participant community.