Our clients

Copra Coconuts

As part of our long-term partnership with this Series B startup we've helped them successfully pivot from a B2C to B2B growth model for their online store.


Partnership with this seeded startup encompasses qualitative research, branding, marketing and product design to jumpstart its launch within a year of conception.


We built on Beandeck's market segmentation exercise to uncover deep-seated consumer motivations driving the coffee culture in India. Our findings helped revamp the communications strategy for this early-stage startup.


Aiming to be a new player in the growing AR/VR industry, Oasis hired us to uncover the lived experiences of gamers in New York City. Our findings helped define their value proposition in a tough-to-crack market.


In order to successfully build a product for baby boomers, Posterity hired us to deeply understand their life goals, desires and pain points around the touchy subject of estate planning. Our insights revealed innovation opportunities for product and marketing.


A leading provider of text analytics, Ravenpack developed a new product experience based on jobs-to-be-done and motivations we uncovered from their existing customer base.
Case Studies

Unpacking a sneaker collector’s journey


Tackling the store's conversion problem


Designing a new product experience

Copra Coconuts

Expanding the store's digital footprint

What you get

Small, expert teams

Our teams are agile, multi-disciplinary and highly experienced. We believe in collaborative work so work closely with you till the very end.

Global mindset, global research

We embrace diversity all around. Our team is 50% female and spread across 3 continents. Our participants live across 30 cities in both hemispheres.

Ongoing validation

We continuously cross-reference data using different methods. This means you get scientifically rigorous and highly contextual insights to confidently act on.

Compliant research

Data is anonymized and scrubbed of personally identifying information before being shared. You get the data without the headache of legal compliance.

Real-time insights

Our insights are impactful because our research questions are responsive to participant feedback in real-time. This is the power of digital research.

Data-driven strategy

We offer end-to-end solutions in branding, marketing and product design that are guided by primary research with your target audience.

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