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Validate your idea with your future customers.

With our on-demand Indian panel, you can curate the right participants, collect insights in less than a week and go-to-market with more confidence and stronger investor backing.
"The way you guys went about the research gave me more confidence in the process and in using ethnographic research methods. You could see the details for each customer. You could see the granularity of the study. The amount of data that came out was the most important."
Avnish Anand
Co-founder & COO, CaratLane
We wanted to understand the motivations of the people in our community better. The research was done thoroughly, and the results were presented in great depth. We appreciate the effort and meticulous work done by Poocho. Swasti and Taapsi were a wonderful team to work with.
Bob van Luijt
"At the end of the day, we really needed to get into the minds of the people that were using the underlying platforms. Poocho's process is very much hands-on and very bespoke and customized. It is not the kind of activity I am used to seeing in my day-to-day career and it has proven to be invaluable."
Eric Witschen
GM and Founder, Neustreet
"We constantly run surveys and questionnaires, or we talk to our customers very often, actually. But I think getting an external body to come in and talk to them especially when they don't have a bias for the industry and for the products that we're selling makes a huge difference."
Lenold Vaz
Founder, Beandeck

Foundational research will save you time and development cost.

Unpack competitive behaviours
Recruit users of competitive products and understand their likes and dislikes to shape your own value proposition statement.
Map out buyer journeys
Define your GTM strategy by having conversations around the how, when, where, why and what of user behavior.
Test early prototypes
Screenshare your high or low fidelity design prototypes with real people and get their feedback before your get your product team involved.

Beandeck used Poocho to understand what drives the coffee culture amongst youth and Millennials in India.

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What Poocho can do for you.

First session in as less as 24 hours
Find your target audience, send invitations, review and
onboard your ideal users faster than you’ve ever done before.
Demographic filters for segmentation
Perhaps you need to talk to different groups of people in order to discover your beachhead market. Our filters across age, gender, city, etc. let you do this.
Screeners for detailed profiling
You might have very specific criteria of who you want to talk to. Use our screener functionality to ask targeted questions to participants before you say yes to anyone.
Pay-as-you-go pricing plan
Our pricing plan grows with your needs. You only pay for completed sessions as and when they happen. Invitations and applications are unlimited!

Finding the right people just got a whole lot faster.