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Gurgaon, India

The entire experience was just really great ranging from the concept of research to the unique ways of conducting the same.


Dehradun, India

I found it super cool that it was such a personal experience. Talking to the researcher felt relieving and almost the same as talking to a friend.


Lucknow, India

I could actually discover more about my things and make my mind more clear regarding the decision I want to take in future.


Lucknow, India

I think with Poocho, I noticed those little details which I wasn’t processing. Talking about it definitely gave me a new perspective. I’m grateful for the opportunity.


Durgapur, India

I had certain grudges as well as untold experiences about the online course which I wished to share with friends but didn't find a right space to ventilate. Poocho was in a way an opportunity to express those feelings.


Dehradun, India

The interviews was detailed and easy to complete. I like that my input will be used in future research.


Etawah, India

It was more of a friendly conversation.


Ambala, India

I like the way of your data collection from people as it is simple, organized and easy to understand.


Hyderabad, India

Poocho asked relevant questions about our experiences regarding education during pandemic.



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Poocho researchers are your point of contact for a session you participate in. Over the years we've worked with a pretty stellar group of them.

Tarushi Mohan

Sumeet Iyer


Shivani Gopalakrishna

Saumya Sharma


Where you have made a difference

Some of our favorite brands that dared to go deeper with us


A jewelry brand obsessed with personalizing its online experience.

Copra Coconuts

A startup whose best selling item is sustainably sourced coconut water.


A virtual reality startup that wants to make it easier to make friends in the metaverse.


A coffee marketplace dedicated to those who want to learn more about what they drink.


A collectibles startup that wants to make it easier for sneakerheads to grow their collection.

Frequently asked questions

Check out our FAQ page for a comprehensive list of answers. If you still have questions, contact us at
What is Poocho?
Poocho is a qualitative research platform for brands. We facilitate one-on-one interviews between brands and consumers like you.
Who are Poocho’s clients?
Our clients are knowledge workers embedded in D2C brands. They include brand marketers, product managers, founders and investors.
What is the Poocho Network?
The Poocho Network is a community of consumers (we anonymously call them “Poocho Pals”) who want to talk to big/small/most favorite/least favorite brands and tell them how and where to improve. Pals get paid for their time on an hourly basis. It’s a win-win for all :) Membership into the Network gives Pals access to such paid market research Studies. You will be invited to a Study based on your profile information. ‍
Is membership free of charge?
Yup! It is 100% free for you to join the Network. To the contrary, by joining and getting approved, you will be invited to participate in market Studies that will pay you (well!) for your time :)
How do I join the Poocho Network?
Simply complete the registration form on our website. When you get shortlisted for a market study, you’ll receive a call from us where we’ll take you through the whole process.
What is a Study?
A Study is simply a research topic we’re exploring. When you get invited to a Study, you’ll be signing up for a virtual video interview of between 45 - 60 minutes. These will be recorded and conducted on Zoom (we’ll share the link with you before your scheduled call).
How will I be paid?
Payments happen via PayTm, Google Pay or Amazon gift vouchers. We do not do cash payments or bank transfers.
What is the payment timeline?
Payments happen within 3-5 business days of completing a Study.
What happens to the data you collect from me?
The first thing we do is anonymize your interview. This means, we will assign you an anonymous “Poocho Pal” ID, for example, PP018. We do this to protect your identity so a brand cannot reasonably identify you from the information you have shared. Your interview then gets transcribed, cleaned up, analyzed and then shared on the Poocho Platform and/or with a client (if the study is commissioned).‍
Why is my interview transcribed?
We want to amplify the impact of consumer experiences by creating a database of shared insights. Using our platform, clients can read across anonymized transcripts and get a holistic sense of their consumers across research topics.