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Poocho is an online research marketplace where brands connect with consumers and product users to learn more about their experiences through live video conversations.

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I felt important. I hope my response is helpful for you guys.


The best thing about Poocho researchers is that they make you feel so eased out as though you are speaking with your long-known friend.


 I could instantly bond with the the researcher and it felt like an informal chat instead of a serious interview. In an economy as diverse and vibrant as ours , poocho fills the gap in qualitative analysis of markets.


Amazing, soo comfortable sharing my views😍😍


It felt like a conversation between friends where I was just sharing the mundane everyday life experiences.


The interview was comprehensive and effortless to complete. I am pleased that my participation will be incorporated into future research. Researcher was super friendly. I express my gratitude for the opportunity.


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