Case Study

Copra Coconuts

Expanding the store's digital footprint

Copra coconuts is a B2B high quality coconut ingredients supplier in the US. It has a flourishing business with large private label buyers across the US and Europe. It wanted to do the same with its retail online store business. So Copra tapped Poocho to define a research-driven marketing plan. This is the second research strategy project we undertook for the brand in one year.

We developed a growth-marketing plan that included ad and social media content strategies based on personas of actual Copra customers.

By talking to brand loyalists, we understood the importance of coconut in their lives, their lifestyle choices and the value Copra serves them. By creating personas of different types of coconut buyers and then mapping demographic, lifestyle and interest-based attributes to the personas, we were able to craft a bespoke marketing solution that was brand-centric and yet broad enough to appeal to a wide audience. We also uncovered new areas of business expansion for the label.

What We Did
  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Customer profiling
  • Full-funnel marketing roadmapping
  • Communications strategy
  • Digital ad campaigns
  • Website optimization


Types of customer personas with unique targeting and communications-based attributes.


Increase in CTR from a research-driven advertising campaign.


Increase in first month’s online store purchases based on our marketing strategy.


Photos of coconut-based dishes shared by participants that led to a new communications plan.

"It is very easy to get lost in the day to day operations of our company and forget what is important in business - the customer. This is why we hired Poocho. From the beginning, it was extremely easy to talk to the Poocho team - who have a great understanding of business and what we were looking for. After a very detailed study and close collaboration with our customers - we now have a renewed clarity on who our target customer is, why they truly like about us and what they need from us moving forward."
Ben Minges
Co-Founder, Copra Coconuts
3 big takeaways

Strategy built on brand loyalty

In an earlier insights campaign we had done with Copra we had learned that brand value was high amongst its customers. Data on customer retention and order frequencies further confirmed our findings. In this latest undertaking we developed a research strategy focused on unpacking the experiences of Copra's most dedicated fans.

What Copra's loyalists thought about the brand, how they articulated its USP and how coconut fit into their lifestyles gave us a customer-centric perspective of the brand that we could then leverage into social media marketing and content planning. For example, by speaking to Copra's valued customers we learned how they viewed competitive brands and also, critically, what makes Copra stand out from them. This information directly informed the copy of new digital ad campaigns we launched post research.


From home recipes to online content

We wanted to understand how Copra ingredients fit into the healthy living habits of its customers. So we solicited videos and photographs from participants, asking them to share daily updates of them using coconut in their meals. What we uncovered was a goldmine. We collected 117 photographs and 50 video recordings on drinks, meals and DIY home remedies that leveraged the brand's products. Through visuals, we also got a closer look at the living conditions of participants - stocked pantries, kitchen appliances and even kid-friendly furniture in some cases.

We developed a new content strategy for the brand that incorporated information about consumer-favored recipes and ingredients. To drive customer engagement, the brand also began actively encouraging, tagging and re-posting content from current consumers on social media. The result was a dramatic spike in post impressions (almost 150%) after the first month of this new strategy.


Personas and audience-building

Copra boasts of high retention and high brand loyalty. To push its online presence further, the company wanted to more deeply understand consumer patterns behind buying and using coconut ingredients. This information would inform business strategy (which patterns and behaviors to prioritize) and also marketing strategy (how to position products for different audience types).

We mapped food preferences, lifestyle habits, motivations and purchasing behaviors of copra customers on to two distinct personas. Each persona had attributes for unique Facebook targeting that were particularly handy for digital ad optimizations required for top-of-the-funnel marketing. Personas also led to a nuanced understanding of true competitive advantage based on the brand's value proposition and pain points articulated by the two persona types.

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