Copra Coconuts

Helping a B2B business explore opportunities in a new market.

The challenge

Copra Coconuts is a B2B high quality coconut product supplier. It has a flourishing business with large private label buyers across the US and Europe. When we got together with the team, they were looking to expand their product offerings to small and medium-sized (SME) businesses that make up a growing segment of their buyer base. The challenge was figuring out what this audience wanted and expected out of a Copra partnership.

Our approach

We first conducted stakeholder interviews to get a baseline understanding of the “new” market Copra’s business leaders were interested in penetrating. We used these insights to inform our research design.

We then leveraged Copra’s CRM to curate two types of research audiences: existing brand loyalists and relatively “new” SME buyers that Copra had a working relationship with. Using a combination of Email, Woven, Typeform and Zoom, we collected insights from both audiences in order to understand the value-add Copra already offered the first group, andthe business aspirations of the second group. 

We mapped the two sets of insights on to each other to identify ways in which Copra could strategize its entry into this market. The whole process took us 7 weeks to complete. 

What we delivered

We created a customer success model that reflected the real aspirations of Copra’s SME customers. This was followed by a virtual brainstorming session between Copra’s business leaders and our marketing strategy team to develop and finalize clear steps for how Copra can begin their expansion through marketing and sales initiatives that reflected the expectations of its target audience.

It is very easy to get lost in the day to day operations of our company and forget what is important in business - the customer. This is why we hired Poocho.

From the beginning, it was extremely easy to talk to the Poocho team - who have a great understanding of business and what we were looking for. After a very detailed study and close collaboration with our customers - we now have renewed clarity on who our target customer is, why they truly like us and what they need from us moving forward.

Ben Minges
Co-founder, Copra Coconuts

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