Client FAQs

What industry sectors does Poocho cover?
We have over one hundred primary interview transcripts covering Indian and US consumer experiences in edtech, food & beverage, mothercare, healthcare, and NFTs.
How can I do discovery research with Poocho?
Absolutely. Use the keyword search bar to find relevant transcripts and insight “nuggets,” from mentorship to Zomato and beyond. Further narrow your search using our advance filtering options or explore wide by reading related transcripts.
How does Poocho find consumers to talk to?
In addition to the hundreds of consumers we’ve interacted with, we use a combination of referrals and social media outreach to grow our database. It is important that we ensure high quality of our panel so we only onboard those consumers who complete a detailed registration process and qualify through specific study screeners.
Can I commission custom research?
Yes! You can use our audiences and/or our researchers to design custom studies (Poocho Connect) and run analyses (Poocho 360) on the findings.
Why do you publish Client-sponsored transcripts to your platform?
We want to create a shared knowledge base around consumer topics trending in the ecosystem. To do this, we offer clients the opportunity to anonymously share their commissioned research on the platform so their peers can also discover answers to questions they didn’t know to ask. In appreciation of this, we offer clients heavily discounted pricing to collect and synthesize this data.
When is my custom research published to the Poocho platform?
Poocho publishes custom research transcripts after a 1-month embargo, meaning you can act on insights for 30 days before sharing your research. Clients may choose to further delay the publication of their transcripts depending on business need. While most do not need this option, we find it gives added comfort to some.
How does Poocho reduce my research costs?
Rather than pay thousands for a single research report that may or may not contain the information you seek, we charge a much more reduced fee for finding insights on topics exactly suited to your needs. When you like something you’ve read and want to dig deeper with custom solutions, our unique payment model lets you pay by transcript so you can simply pause the research when you’ve found what you’re looking for.
How do you manage data security and privacy?
We only share anonymized, encrypted, pseudonymized participant data with you unless a participant consents otherwise. All personally identifying information about our clients and participants is kept in private folders that are only accessible to the Poocho research team for data analysis and client servicing purposes. We inform participants of their rights before they join a study and obtain their digital consents before proceeding.
What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel your plan anytime before the end of your billing cycle in order to avoid future charges.

Consumer FAQs

What is Poocho?
Poocho is a qualitative research platform for brands. We facilitate one-on-one interviews between brands and consumers like you.
Who are Poocho’s clients?
Our clients are knowledge workers embedded in D2C brands. They include brand marketers, product managers, founders and investors.
What is the Poocho Network?
The Poocho Network is a community of consumers (we anonymously call them “Poocho Pals”) who want to talk to big/small/most favorite/least favorite brands and tell them how and where to improve. Pals get paid for their time on an hourly basis. It’s a win-win for all :) Membership into the Network gives Pals access to such paid market research Studies. You will be invited to a Study based on your profile information. ‍
What are the perks of joining the Network?
You get to participate in different market research studies and get paid for them! Our regulars also get invited to premium Studies that pay more for longer engagements. But this isn’t all! At a deeper level, you join a community of like-minded individuals who want to share meaningful experiences so businesses can be more inclusive, more ethical, and more empathetic in their approach. Some of the conversations Pals are already having are around topics like four-year degree programs, hygiene in restaurants, fitness games in VR, and wellness phone apps. 
Is membership free of charge?
Yup! It is 100% free for you to join the Network. To the contrary, by joining and getting approved, you will be invited to participate in market Studies that will pay you (well!) for your time :)
How do I join the Poocho Network?
Simply complete the registration form on our website. When you get shortlisted for a market study, you’ll receive a call from us where we’ll take you through the whole process.
What is a Study?
A Study is simply a research topic we’re exploring. When you get invited to a Study, you’ll be signing up for a virtual video interview of between 45 - 60 minutes. These will be recorded and conducted on Zoom (we’ll share the link with you before your scheduled call).
How do I participate in a Study?
There are two ways to do this: One, you register with the Network. Based on your profile info, you’ll receive an invite link to open studies. Two, you’re new to the Network and somehow someone shared a study screener link with you. You fill in your details and we’ll contact you to complete your profile and get you set up for the call.
Do I need to qualify for a Study?
Yes. When you get an invitation to a study, it is the first step in the process. In order to qualify, you will have to complete a set of “screener” questions to confirm your eligibility and block your seat. Screeners usually have between 1-3 questions. You will receive a notification from us if you’ve qualified. Set up your interview slot and you’re good to go!
I’m not comfortable answering some questions in a Study. What now?
You can choose which questions you are comfortable answering. You can pause or end the interview at any time without giving a reason.
How will I be paid?
Payments happen via PayTm, Google Pay or Amazon gift vouchers. We do not do cash payments or bank transfers.
Do I get paid for completing a screener?
You do not get paid for completing screener questions. You only get paid if you qualify for and complete the actual Study.
What is the payment timeline?
Payments happen within 3-5 business days of completing a Study.
What if I don’t receive a payment?
Before we pay you, we will confirm the phone number/email addresses associated with your preferred payment method. Please make sure you share the correct details! We are not responsible for payments made to incorrect accounts shared by you.
What type of data are you collecting from me?
We will ask you to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions through a virtual recorded conversation with us. As part of your registration process we will also collect demographic information like your age, gender and employment status.
What happens to the data you collect from me?
The first thing we do is anonymize your interview. This means, we will assign you an anonymous “Poocho Pal” ID, for example, PP018. We do this to protect your identity so a brand cannot reasonably identify you from the information you have shared. Your interview then gets transcribed, cleaned up, analyzed and then shared on the Poocho Platform and/or with a client (if the study is commissioned).‍
Why is my interview transcribed?
We want to amplify the impact of consumer experiences by creating a database of shared insights. Using our platform, clients can read across anonymized transcripts and get a holistic sense of their consumers across research topics.
Who can view my data?
Transcripts are uploaded to our platform for clients to access. Our platform is not a public forum but a subscription portal. Clients have strict legal restrictions against reproducing, distributing or transmitting any information in any form or by any means without prior written permission of Poocho.
How do I remove myself from the Network?
Contact us at to have us remove you from the Network, no questions asked.
What happens to my data if I am no longer a Poocho Pal?
When you deactivate your account, your Pal Account Information (what you filled in when you register), your profile data, and your payment account information (as applicable) will generally be deleted within 30 days. Information you shared as part of your involvement in a paid study remains with Poocho.