The smartphone is not the holy grail. Here's why.

We are all now accustomed to news on how Zoom, Houseparty, Google Meet and Amazon continue to benefit enormously from lockdown-imposed restrictions. Screen time has gone up across the board - in the first week of the lockdown in India, its citizens spent more than 4 hours a day on social media!

Existing and new app providers need to be mindful of the changing preferences and habits of people who are themselves still figuring out the balance between their online and offline selves. This report comes from a research campaign we ran for a month to understand how and why different digital devices and applications have gained popularity over others. In the process we've learned a little more about how Covid-19 has reshaped our everyday lives.

What you get
  • A deep dive into device and online application usage during the lockdown.
  • Lifestyle habits that have led to changes in device and app preferences
  • Recommendations on where online experiences are headed.
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